My name is Trey and I am a budding investor, specifically real estate, who wants to help you get your start investing.

My yearly income is six figures.

In my portfolio so far are two multifamily properties.  Each multifamily building has four units with one bedroom apiece and I am about to purchase my third property in under 2 years.  I started with $0 dollars and have built the beginnings of a real estate empire.

Each building grosses over 2,000 dollars a month.

It took less than $2,800 to buy my first rental property.

The feeling of depositing 8 rent checks every month is invigorating and is a feeling that everyone should enjoy.

Did I forget to mention that less than four years ago I was making less than $10 an hour?  Or that I do not have a degree other than one from a high school?

Everyone can do this.  You just have to have the right attitude!

Questions?  Email Feedback@PlusFourZeros.com

Thanks and I hope you learn from the site!

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